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April 18th, 2022

After a lot of work and cleaning up, we've started preparing to build the second parkour and also had a wonderful time teaching the next generation about tree climbing and nature. 

7th of February, 2022

We had a big event planned for Valentines day at the park, but unfortunately we had to cancel due to safety regulations as another cyclone was inbound.

January 23th, 2022

Disaster struck! A cyclone has created a massive flood, which has struck the park, Andasibe and many neighbouring towns. Together we all worked together to make sure everyone was safe and waited patiently until the cyclones moved away.

1st of December, 2021

The first parkour is ready for use. We are really excited and have had our first visitors who enjoyed climbing the trees and the different obstacles.

1st of November, 2021

After waiting for the obstacles to be handmade locally, we started constructing all the different obstacles.

28th of September, 2021

We finished constructing the base of the first obstacle course. The next step is connecting the platforms with a variety of obstacles. Meanwhile we started working together with others to create a strong synergy, beneficial for all visitors who wish to get to learn more about Madagascar and explore nature in unique ways.

7th of September 2021

After deliberating what the best next steps would be, we decided we would start building the first obstacle cours. We began collecting all the materials needed to build the first platforms.

August 13th 2021

We Finished building the cottage and also officially registered and claimed our own unique domain name for Gasyclimb! On top of that the EnZpire foundation assisted us in the full creation of the new website, based on the old design we had.

July 26th 2021

We gathered all the materials and finished building the foundations of the new cottage.

June 2nd 2021

We finished building the fence!

Now we can prepare for the next steps, which is to build a cottage.

May 25th, 2021

We finished collecting all the supplies to build the fence. Before we could start we need to treat the fence poles, to increase their durability for the coming years. 

May 14th, 2021

Our next check in to see what the following steps are. Now that the lands are clean and the contract has been secured, the next step is to build a clear visible fence in order to ensure drivers safety along the road next to the land.

April 27th, 2021

After negotiations have finished the final contract was approved!

Meanwhile the cleanup on the land has been completed. Because there is a lot of rain, a groundkeeper has been hired to keep the lands clean.

April 17th, 2021

In order to discuss the terms of the contract before renewing it, the Mitsjinjo association asked Eddy to present the Gasyclimb project officially for the board. 

April 6th, 2021

We had our final set up call to create clarity on the next steps. 

1. Clear up the grounds to show to the land owner (the Mitsjinjo association), we mean business.

2. Renew the previous contract to have full permission to use the land.

April 10th, 2021

Workers started to clean up the grounds, while Eddy made preparations to present Gasyclimb to the new council of the Mitsjinjo association.

March 31st, 2021

It was finally time to take action, this day marks the initial preparation of phase 1. The first objectives were clear, look at the current situation and what needs to be done. While we were looking at the whole plan, the groundworks for clearing the ground were set up.

February 23rd, 2020

During their first trip to Madagascar, we met the delegates of the EnZpire Foundation. 

During their stay we showed them around the area, and the founder Eddy shared his passion with the Delegates.

On this day we showed the land where Eddy wanted to expedite Gasyclimb and took them on our first ever, high tree climbing experience.

Unfortunately Corona hit the world hard, putting any plans on hold temporary.

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