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MITSINJO Association had first given access to this unique world when partnering with the organization’s Mad’arbres climbing association in 2005. Since then, the two climbers; Manatijara Eddy Christin and Manantsoavina Dilifera have moved on to the next step with their new company, Gasyclimb. The brothers climbed trees all over Madagascar, supporting the researchers to study Red ruffed lemurs in the canopy of the Masoala rainforest and on the majestic baobabs of Morondava to observe the nocturnal pollinators of their flowers. Other than for research, they also pursued the tree climbing as a sport and a lively recreational activity. ANDASIBE visitors can enjoy the company of the brothers during a safe sailing ascent.

2 founding brothers

The two brothers who founded Gasyclimb

The Gasyclimb Team


Manatijara Eddy Christin

Leader of Gasyclimb Madagascar

Jean Marcel

Jean Marcel

Tree climber of Gasyclimb Madagascar

Marolahy George

Marolahy George

Tree Climber of Gasyclimb Madagascar

Manantsoavina Dilifera.jpg

Manantsoavina Dilifera

Coordinator of Gasyclimb Madagascar

Our vision

We aim to make people more aware about the importance and beauty of nature by engaging them in a variety of physically active and entertaining tree climbing activities.


“We love nature, we respect environment, Tree climbing is our passion


~ Eddy Christin.M

Our Mision

Our mission is to contribute to the conservation efforts within the Andasibe region by educating tourists about the beauty and importance of trees by engaging them in activities that


1) depend upon the tree structure 

2) are enhanced by the surrounding natural beauty and ecosystem..

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